Century 21

ERRE constructed a house similar to the DIY built homes common to the outskirts of Tijuana, cobbled together with discarded materials and surrounded by a precarious fence made of pallets. Sited on the main plaza of Tijuana’s Centro Cultural, the humble, but typical provisional structure provided a sharp contrast to the monumental architecture of the institution building. Display cases made from scrap wood, metal and an old door contained photos and architectural plans as well as construction permits authorized by the city, revealing the corruption of the local officials who had not properly inspected either the site or the construction methods. The interior of the home included modest furniture, dishes, a lamp, refrigerator, and a black-and-white television which remained on for the duration of the installation and was powered by electricity “stolen” from the Centro Cultural.
1994. Exhibited: Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT), commission for InSITE94.