The Multiplication of bread

A model of a bombed-out desert city rests on a Persian carpet. Above, suspended from the ceiling, eighty loaves of bread (a biblical reference), shaped like missiles, threaten to rain down upon it. Two light boxes are placed at either end of the carpet. The eyes of a boy from the United States stare out from the top of one, and those of an Afghan girl from the other. Beneath the images there are texts printed in the form of a Snellen eye chart; the text on the U.S. side is a quote from Martin Luther King Jr., and the Afghan side features a passage from the Koran. Both question the effectiveness of violence as paths to resolve differences between nations.
This installation consists of an Oriental rug that forms a rectangular surface on the floor at the center of the exhibition space. On top of it, there is a model of a city in ruins, covered by a layer of sand, leaving uncovered only a few areas and edges of the rug.