Parallel Lines

The metal sheets acquired in Santiago, were used for the creation of the first wall, which took place in the middle of a mezzanine. Different materials had to be used on the metal sheets to resemble the fence that divides Tijuana and San Diego. Parallel to the wall of the mezzanine, a metal flat bar with 200 photos was installed. The first 100 photos were selected from ten rolls of pictures taken in Tijuana a week prior to leaving for Santiago. The other 100 photos were taken in Santiago during the stay; each photo tries to capture particularities of union, or fracture within each city. The more representative images of Tijuana began on the far left of the piece, the referential characteristic started to fade as the images approached the center. A window overlooking informal settlements was the center of the image line, followed by the most ambiguous images of Santiago, and finally reaching the most representative images of the city at the far right of the line. The line was interrupted by three vynil texts, the first one, following the first picture reads: “everything that makes us different, defines us.” The second text at the center of the line reads: “everything that defines us, limits us.” And finally, the third picture ends with the text: “everything that limits us, separates us…and unites us.”
Installation exhibited in Santiago de Chile at the Centro Cultural Matucana 100. The piece consists of a metal fence of 30mts long by 2mts high, resting on eleven white pillows.