For your well being, and good mood

This sculptural installation refers to the slogan used by the municipal president of Tijuana, Jorge Hank Ron during his campaign for governor of Baja California Norte. The slogan was used in two public benches. The back part of the bench is made of wood, aluminum with vinyl prints using the colors of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. The functional part of the bench is composed of wooden planks found in the streets of Tijuana. In one of the benches rests a Zeta, a publication that week by week since 1988, has made public Hank Ron’s alleged guilt on the death of Hector “el Gato” Felix the co-founder and editor of the newspaper alongside Jesús Blancornelas. The piece is homage in memorial of Blancornelas ceased during the presidential term of Jorge Hank Ron. It intends to contrast the budget allocated to the electoral campaign, with the urban improvement budget during the presidential term, by re-contextualizing the slogan and reproducing the contradictory urban conditions.